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Tenant Screening Requirements

Thanks for your interest in one of our rental properties.

To be approved for one of our rental properties, each tenant applicant will need to meet our minimum screening requirements. Please review the process and requirements below, prior to scheduling to see one of our properties. These requirements are mandatory for all applicants and there are no exceptions. All prospective tenants are encouraged to apply.

Tenant Screening Requirements

  1. Completed rental application for each resident 18 years of age and over. Applications are available on our website and it is $30 to apply, per applicant (persons under 18 do not need to submit an application, but must be listed on the lease). Visit and click on rentals. Select your property of interest and click “Apply Now”.
  2. Credit Score/Credit History that shows a pattern of reliability and responsibility. Minimum qualifying standards are a credit score of 600.
  3. Employment verification or verification of other sources of income e.g., Social Security; Child Support; Disability.
  4. Financial ability to pay rent. Tenant is required to have minimum gross income of three times the monthly rent to be considered qualified. For example:
  5. Gross Monthly Income Rent Qualified?
    $8,000 $2,500 Yes ($2,500 x 3 = $7,500 Min Income)
    $5,000 $1,900 No ($1,900 x 3 = $5,700 Min Income)
  6. Landlord references for the five previous years. References must be positive.
  7. No record of evictions or judgments from previous landlords.
  8. Must pass criminal background check, with no history of violent criminal behavior. Record should demonstrate a pattern of reliability and responsibility.


Application(s) are received instantly and we will process your application promptly. Typical screening takes two to four business days. Once your application screening is complete, we will review the results with the owner of the property and then inform you of the decision, regarding your application.

If you have questions or need additional guidance, please contact us on our website or at We’re happy to help you!
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